Lina and Vi: January 2016

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Compass Throw Pillow DIY with Silhouette Cameo

Everyday, I get more excited about the things that I can now do with my new Cameo.  Earlier this month, I mentioned how I was gifted a Cameo for Christmas and how I found out quickly that I previously underestimated the application of this electronic cutter to my typical crafting projects. Well, I've been gradually learning more and more how to use the software these past few weeks, and I'm happy to report that I'm feeling more confident...confident enough to (carefully) open one of my store bought throw pillows to add some DIY love to it using some heat transfer vinyl!

Although this isn't technically a sewing DIY, it's something that could be an added to any sewing project so I wanted to share here as an example for anyone looking for new ideas in home decor. It just so happened that I was looking to change up the decor in our spare bedroom and I didn't want to throw away a perfectly good black pillow. Previously, there were two black pillows on this bed (I may, or may not, have taken the second pillow as an innocent bystander in a moment of despair when I needed stuffing for a project a few years ago). They coordinate with the comforter, but I also felt that they added to the room's darkness and to a serious, stiff feel. I wanted to make something that coordinated with the traveling theme that I've currently got going in this bedroom.

So, I opened it up with a seam ripper, took out the stuffing, and used a hot iron to adhere this fun compass design that I created using the Silhouette Studio software. I won't lie, it took me about an hour to get this compass design straight and symmetrical. I did use an image I found on a Google search to trace in the software, and then I manually retraced on top of the traced image to straighten the arrows and use a different font for the North, West, South, and East letters.

I used flocked white heat transfer material. I didn't know what 'flocked' meant - obviously a vinyl cutting newbie, but it was part of the heat transfer starter kit that came with my Silhouette. Now I know that it means a fuzzy, velvet like finish, which turned out as a great fit to use with a pillow. It's soft, unlike normal heat transfer vinyl, so it doesn't show crease lines when adhered to a curved, overstuffed pillow.

Obviously, this project was made much easier with an electronic cutter than if I had to cut the vinyl by hand, but it could be done. Alternatively, if I didn't have the Silhouette, I could have printed a design from my computer and traced it to freezer paper and used a freezer paper stencil and fabric paint to stencil on the design.

This project took some time but I love how it turned out. I hope it inspires you to get creative and try something new by revising or editing items you already have around your home.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vanilla Burlap Tote Debut

Over this past weekend, I wrapped up our latest burlap tote bag in the Grounds Collection, the Vanilla burlap tote. I'm proud of how this new tote turned out, and I'm here today to share a few photos of the final bag.

The Vanilla burlap tote is a medium sized shoulder bag with flat cream straps and an off-white faux leather bottom. This is the second bag where I used a thick, faux leather as contrast against the repurposed coffee bag burlap for the bag's exterior bottom, and I'm turning into a huge fan. I love the polished look of this material, but what really is a bonus is the structure it provides to the bag's shape. Heavy weight interfacing helps to keep the burlap stiff, and a thick material on the bottom helps to keep the bag's shape when carried.  Overall, the bag's exterior is pretty simple and neutral, hence the Vanilla name for the off-white accent color.

I designed the interior using striped gray and yellow fabric to give it some pop of color when you open the bag up. The interior is spacious and offers one slide pocket in a contrasting fabric for small item organization. I think I had spring on my mind when picking out the lining fabric, but I feel that the color scheme is muted enough for any season and, of course, stripes are classic!

That's it - simple, neutral, and sophisticated. A tote bag designed for the person who wants a classic look to her bag contrasted with a bit of color on the inside. It's now available for purchase in our Etsy shop.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New! Vanilla Burlap Tote In Progress

Hello and happy Tuesday! I did a bit of traveling this past week for work, but I'm back in front of my sewing machine and working hard on a brand new burlap tote bag.  Although I'm still sewing up a number of burlap pillows in the background, I'm excited to share a few sneak peek photos of a brand new tote bag that I'm currently naming the 'Vanilla tote' for it's soft, vanilla colored faux leather bottom.

Over this past weekend, I ran into my local craft and fabric shop to pick up some interfacing, and I noticed this great scrap piece of faux leather. I loved the off-white shade, and I knew it would have great contrast against the burlap I planned to use for this new tote bag.  I'm a lover of using neutral colors offset with a pop of color, and this new bag is exactly that. With a pop of color on the inside (not featured in these photos yet) and the neutral color scheme on the outside, this medium tote is shaping up to be one of my new favorites, especially as I'm looking ahead to the springtime right about now.

For now, I have these in process photos to share as I work through the remaining design this week. I'll be back later this week with photos of this new bag in it's finished state.

I hope you're having a great week!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch -

Friends! I'm back from the holidays to share what I worked on this past week.  Before we jump in, I want to be totally honest with you. I have been distracted the past few weeks from sewing.  But, it is a good distraction! Aside from the holiday gatherings and preparations taking priority over sewing, I have been researching and learning how to use my new Silhouette Cameo electronic cutter! My awesome husband gave this to me as a gift this year for Christmas in hopes that it would help reduce the amount of time I spend hand-making the freezer paper stencils for my burlap pillows and increase my time actually sewing rather than prepping. Well, I have no experience with these machines so it has been taking me a while to learn the ropes. I always just walked right past these cutters in the craft stores because I thought they were meant for scrapbooking. Man, was I wrong. The Cameo is amazing, and I am sure I have managed to use like 5% of it's capability after only two weeks. I'm super excited to learn more about it and apply it to new Lina and Vi products and packaging. Please leave a comment if you have any tips or resources on how you craft and sew with the Cameo!

Despite this distraction, I was able to sew up a brand new burlap bag this week that I'm excited to share with you today. It feels like it has been a while since I've sewn a burlap bag since most of my recent projects and orders have been pillows, so it was great to get back into the bag making this week.

Say hello to the Blue Bean burlap clutch bag. It measures 12 inches long and approximately 6.5 inches tall. The bag features authentic industrial text on one side and a solid burlap back side.  I chose a fun blue and white printed cotton fabric for the interior and decided to add a small slide pocket so it has some compartmentalization on the inside. This clutch has a bronze metal zipper closure and a thick woven belting wrist strap. I designed this bag wanting to make it feel playful and fun, and I think the interior fabric really gives it a whimsical and light feel.

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch -

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch -

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch -

Blue Bean Burlap Clutch -

That's our latest bag in the Grounds Collection. You can find it available for purchase now in our Etsy shop! P.S. If you haven't noticed, I updated my About Me page recently. This is one of my favorite pages to read when I discover a new blog. Head on over to check it out!

Enjoy your weekend!