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Thursday, February 22, 2018

New! Black Dot Large Burlap Zipper Case

Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI

One of the reasons I chose to work with upcycled materials is that using burlap coffee sacks gives me the option to make something completely unique. Although there are a lot of independent fabric designers, it can be difficult to find a fabric, print or woven, that is truly one of a kind. Repurposing burlap means that I get to use select cuts of burlap sacks and that burlap has flaws that are completely authentic to that burlap sack alone. Even the same burlap sack print can be used, but the sack has characteristics that are completely unique to the path it took to find its way onto my sewing machine.

With that, I'm here today to share my latest design featuring an incredible bold, graphic print. I'm calling this large burlap zipper case the Black Dot zipper pouch. It features black text and graphics on the burlap, a brown, soft faux suede bottom, and as the name indicates, a black and white polka dot interior lining.

Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI
Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI

This is my first design for 2018, and it is one that I am extremely proud of because the burlap is just so cool. I almost want to keep it for myself, but I already have a cosmetic bag that I use (and made myself). But this burlap bag can have many uses, not just cosmetic. You can check out the dimensions here and get creative in how you can use it to organize your goods.

If you missed my last post, we have a giveaway going for a small Lina and Vi handmade burlap zipper pouch! The entries are super simple - just visit the Lina and Vi Etsy shop and Facebook page and you will get an entry into the giveaway for each viewing. The burlap pouch was completely handmade by me in Plymouth, Michigan. It ends on Sunday, so make sure to enter before then. It will probably take less than a minute!

You can shop the Black Dot burlap zipper pouch in our Etsy shop here. It is available and ready to ship!

I hope you have a good weekend!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Giveaway! Handmade Burlap Zipper Pouch

Handmade coffee sack burlap zipper pouch - etsy michigan -

This past weekend, I was able to spend some time sewing up brand new zipper pouches for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop! In the next few days, I will be adding a few new pouches, so keep up with our Facebook page to get the news when they are available! I have one large zipper pouch, which I will be sharing more details on here later this week, plus a brand new small pouch coming your way.

I am excited to have both the time and energy to start sewing again this month. As you know, January was pretty difficult to find the time as we had many weeks of colds and flu here. I'm thankful that those have now passed, and I'm back to spending some time in front of the sewing machine during the evenings and weekends.

To celebrate, I'm offering a Lina and Vi small burlap handmade zipper pouch as a giveaway this week! Giveaways are pretty rare here, so I can't say when I'll offer one up again.  The giveaway starts today and ends on Sunday. Continental US entries only.  I'm giving away one of our popular small pouches featuring a blue zipper and fun, geometric white on white print fabric on the inside. I'm so excited for spring to be here, and this is my way of celebrating what's ahead for us in the upcoming season! You can find more details and enter the giveaway below.

Handmade coffee sack burlap zipper pouch - etsy michigan -

Handmade coffee sack burlap zipper pouch - etsy michigan -

Thank you so much for stopping by, and good luck!!


Monday, January 22, 2018

Mega Burlap Bag Clearance

burlap clutch bag - handmade by Lina and Vi Plymouth MI

Friends! I'm just popping in today to share a short update. All of our burlap tote bags are on mega-clearance in our Etsy shop! All of our burlap tote bags are under $35 with two of my favorite bags priced at $15 and ready to ship. These bags have premium quality Cotton+Steel fabrics and beautiful, unique coffee bean sack burlap. Stop by the Lina and Vi Etsy shop today before they are gone!

We've been fighting colds in our home these past few weeks, and I am hoping the worst is now past us. Who knew that little ones could bring home so many germs from daycare! It has been a busy January, and I'm excited for a fresh start in February. I am hoping that I will be able to work on a few new burlap items for the shop in the next few weeks. With the holiday craziness over, I am excited to get back to dreaming up new ideas and getting back in front of my sewing machine.

I hope you are having a great start to your week! Thank you for stopping by.


Monday, January 1, 2018

Make It: DIY Spool Ornaments for Sewing Lovers

DIY Spool ornaments by

I know I'm a week late with this one, but I had some time last week to finally work on a project that I had in my mind for a while. Today I am sharing the how-to behind these DIY wooden spool ornaments I created for our Christmas tree this year. I love a tree filled with handmade and meaningful ornaments, which means that my tree is not color coordinated or themed. It is random, and I love it. These ornaments are great presents for a sewing lover or a seamstress in your life. Maybe one day I'll have a sewing-themed Christmas tree as a second tree in my home? For now, they are scattered about my tree mixed in between childhood ornaments and photo-ornaments.

DIY Spool ornaments by

I had all of the materials in my home already so this cost me nothing but time. The wooden spools I used were actual spools of thread that I had used up and saved to craft with, but didn't know yet what  I was going to make with them. Ergo, these spool ornaments came to mind. These took me an hour. The project is simple, and it just requires a few supplies. Here we go:

- Wooden spools; you can purchase these at a craft store like Joanns
- Remanent fabric
- Hot glue and glue gun
- Thread or twine
- Colorful ribbon
- Measuring tape
- Scissors

DIY Spool ornaments by


1. Start by measuring the width of your spool using your measuring tape. Then take the measuring tape and wrap it around the spool to get the length of the fabric you will need and add a half inch. Cut out a strip of fabric matching the width and length measurements you took.

2. Heat up your glue gun and when it's ready, dab two spots of glue on the spool. Press one of the short ends on the glue.

3. Wrap the fabric around the spool. Add two more dabs of hot glue to seal the end of the fabric strip to the spool.

4. Cut a long piece of colored ribbon and make a bow. Dab a little bit of hot glue in the top hole of the spool. Press the knot of the bow into the glue.

5. Cut a long piece of thread or twine and knot it into a loop. Dab a little bit of hot glue just behind where you glued the blow onto the spool. Press the knot of the twine into the glue.

That's it! If you want, you could also paint the spool before your make these to give them more color.

Hope you have a great start to your new year!

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Happy Holidays! A Year in Review

The past few weeks have been busy over here with my little Etsy shop, and I wanted to stop in to say thank you to everyone who supported my little handmade business this year. I have been working non-stop on new orders in my free time in the late evenings, even enlisting the help of my husband a couple of weeks ago. With a new baby and being back to work during the daytime, my life is very full. I'm very appreciative that I have sewing to help give me the opportunity to take time to make something creative.

Lina and Vi Burlap Tote Bags and Burlap Pillows - Metro Made Collective - Dearborn MI

This has been one of the best, if not the best, year for Lina and Vi. We added a new partner, Made Metro Collective in Dearborn, and continued to receive orders from our existing partners Bundled, Birch Wood Boutique, and Roos Roast all year long. The handmade community only exists because of the desire of our customers to buy something that was made by hand by someone locally who took the time to dream up, create, and sell their items. Handmade is definitely not the most efficient way to make a lot of things, but the character it brings cannot be replicated in mass production.

2017 was one of the most challenging years for me, both personally and professionally. As many of you know, I spent most of the year preparing for a new baby that arrived in August. Our lives are more blessed with her in our family, but along with it came some major changes in our day to day life. You may also know that while I sew everything in the Lina and Vi Etsy shop, I also work during the daytime in software development. While I do not "make" things per se, I help to manage web application projects that recently became increasingly technical in nature with the acquisition of the company I worked for in late 2016.  My position remained mostly the same, but the content of what I worked on changed, and I have had to learn new concepts that have kept me on my toes. My personal and professional life were all about changes this year, and while I did not always have the grace to handle them perfectly, I have learned a lot of lessons that I can take with me in the future. Through it all, I have continued to keep up with sewing burlap items for Lina and Vi and managing larger and larger wholesale orders this past year.

I enjoy the end of a year because it is a reminder to me to reflect on what the past year was and what I want the next year to look like. This time last year there were a lot of unknowns in my future. A year later, I am thankful for the journey that has led me here today.

With that, I hope you are enjoying some time off to spend with friends and family this holiday season. A big thank you as always for reading this blog and for keeping up with Lina and Vi.

Happy Holidays,

Monday, November 27, 2017

Announcing Lina and Vi + Made Metro Collective

I've been busy these past few weeks working on large burlap pillow order for a brand new pop-up shop in downtown Dearborn, Michigan - Made Metro Collective! This new holiday shop has a variety of gifts made by local makers and businesses, just in time for the holiday season! I'm thrilled to have Lina and Vi burlap pillows included in this new shop, and I am excited for this endeavor to be located in the downtown Dearborn area. I grew up in Dearborn Heights and spent time downtown Dearborn, so I am even more thankful to be supporting this area. It is all about small business supporting small business, and in my mind, that is what makes a downtown community thrive. If you are local to the southeast Michigan area, please stop on by Made Metro Collective to see what they have in store! They will be open until the end of January. Visit their website here for more details on location and hours.

With the Thanksgiving holiday over, I am now in full swing working through holiday Etsy orders. Small business Saturday was a success, and I hope that you were able to support a local shop or handmade business while you were picking out gifts for your loved ones this year. I am trying to be more conscious of what and where I am purchasing my gifts. While I am still "shopping big" (if you will), I have selected a few gifts from handmade and small business shops this year. Even if it's one or two gifts or even a gift to supplement something larger, it is worth it to me to support this community.

I announced on our Facebook page today that our burlap tote bags are on clearance! Prices are reduced plus there is a holiday sale on everything in our Etsy shop now through December 1st! Some of my most cherished burlap tote bag designs are ready to ship, and the prices are fantastic. If you were considering a coffee burlap sack purse or tote bag for you or someone you know, grab it this week while you can combine the clearance prices with the holiday sale. I'm hoping to start the new year focusing the Lina and Vi Etsy shop solely on our burlap pillows and pouches.

Lastly, I am focused on spending this last week at home with my baby before I head back to my full time job next week. Time is flying, she is growing, and we will be adjusting to changes ahead. I'm looking forward to sharing more with you in the coming weeks, but for now, stay tuned to our Facebook page for more frequent updates.

Enjoy your week and happy holidays!