Lina and Vi: Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Makers 2018

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide for Creative Makers 2018

With the holidays coming up, it's time to start thinking about what to get for those special people in your life. I'm here today to share a few ideas for those creative-types you know. Most of these are gifts that I would actually really love to receive, so I am sharing for anyone who may be looking for something unique for a person who likes to craft, sew, make, and problem-solve. None of these suggestions are sponsored - they are truly ideas that caught my own eye. Here we go!


1. The Crafter's Box

The first on the list is this fun subscription box called The Crafter's Box. Each month they feature an artisan who focuses on one type of handmade skill. The project is something that is trending in the moment, either the materials, design, or color scheme. Each box contains both the instructional training materials and the physical materials needed to make the project with options to buy up if you want a larger size. These are pretty amazing in that they have all of the tools to help you make the project so no running to the store or shopping online for an elusive tool to help finish up a project. This is fun for someone who likes to learn new crafting techniques and may get bored with one type of project or craft.

closet-case-patterns- holiday-gift-guide-for-creative-makers

2. Sewing Project Box (Sprout Patterns or Closet Case Patterns)

Similar to The Crafter's Box, a gift for those who love to sew but are looking for some inspiration is a sewing pattern project set. You can find these through a number of different sellers, but the two I want to focus on today are Sprout Patterns and Closet Case Patterns. Sprout Patterns is an extension of Spoonflower and offers makers the option to buy a pattern already printed on fabric so you just need to cut and go. But in addition to that, they offer projects where you can pick your pattern, the size, and the fabric, and they will send you everything pre-packaged including any notions you need to complete the item. Unfortunately, it appears that Sprout is going to be sunset at the end of the year, so these projects will only be available for the next few weeks. Another alternative is to look for independent designers who have an online shop where they offer their own sewing patterns packaged with the necessary fabric and notions. One of my personal favorites is Closet Case Patterns. I've been eyeing their Cone Mills Stretch Denim kit where you can make your own pair of jeans without needing to purchase the hardware and do the research on the blend of denim fabric needed for your design.

silhouette cameo gift card -  holiday-gift-guide-for-creative-makers

3. Silhouette Cameo Gift Card

If you have a Silhouette Cameo lover in your circle, you will know that there are a number of accessories available for the Cameo and an entire marketplace of designs in their Silhouette Studio store. A gift card is perfect for someone who is looking to expand their Cameo tools or even buy new designs for their library. Like the suggestions above, the store offers a number of projects, such as design sets for birthday parties, baby showers, and holidays. I really like the flexibility in a Silhouette gift card as it allows a crafter to buy more images or even try new materials or kits they haven't tried yet before.

4. Local Crafting Workshop

This last one is one of my favorites. I really enjoy gifts that are experiences, and one type of gift I know I would really like to receive is a ticket to a local workshop class where I can learn one type of skill through completion of a project from start to finish under the guidance of a local artisan who is knowledgeable in the field. There are so many options for this, but it requires more research than the traditional non-experience type of gift. For metro Detroiters, here is a list of a few event spaces and local artisans who offer classes in the area. Check their schedules to see if they events coming up that someone in your life might enjoy!

Thistle & Bess (Ann Arbor)
University Flower Shop (Ann Arbor)
Worthwhile Paper (Ypsilanti, local artisan)
Pastel (Plymouth)
Signal Return (Detroit)
The Striped Petal (local artisan)
The Barn (Northville)

I hope you found a few new ideas in this holiday gift guide that will help you think of new, unique ideas for the creative-types in your life!

Thanks for stopping by!

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