Lina and Vi: Swiss Water Burlap Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Swiss Water Burlap Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Swiss Water burlap yoga mat bag by linaandvi plymouth mi -

Here we are in mid-July! How did this this happen so quickly? I'm feeling pretty pregnant these days, but the heat has been manageable so far so I'm hoping that we continue to have a mild summer here in Michigan. I'm happy to still have some energy at the end of each day to continue to sew a bit, although I will be honest that I can feel myself slowing down more and more as each day passes. I love to sew, so if I can still manage it after a full day of work, commute, and dinner, then I'll commit whatever time I can to continue to create. The bonus is that it is a huge stress-reliever for me, so as I get closer to my due date (one month away!), I will need to find alternative ways to help me relax in the evenings. Yoga, anyone?

This past week I worked on a brand new yoga mat burlap tote bag, the Swiss Water bag. It's a beautiful print that I've seen before on a burlap coffee sack, but this time around I designed a yoga mat bag around the imprint rather than a shoulder bag. The simplicity of the design with the bright blue really gives this mat bag some personality. This yoga mat bag is definitely not for the shy. If you are looking for practical and fun way to carry your yoga mat to and from the gym or studio, this is the one for you! The burlap is authentic to the original sack, and the yoga mat bag is completely handmade in Plymouth, Michigan.

Swiss Water burlap yoga mat bag by linaandvi plymouth mi -

I opted for a solid lavender lining on the inside. It helps to reduce friction when sliding a yoga mat in and out of the bag. The top flap is a solid beige cotton canvas with a clear toggle closure so it's easy to open and close before and after class while you are setting up your yoga mat.  You can shop this bag now in our Etsy shop!

I'll be back next week sharing more photos of my DIY baby girl nusery! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for supporting my handmade business!


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