Lina and Vi: 10 Tips for Requesting Custom Orders on Etsy

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10 Tips for Requesting Custom Orders on Etsy

10 Tips for Custom Orders on Etsy

Hello! I hope you're having a great week. Back in September, I mentioned how I had been working on several custom orders for customers looking for specific burlap items. Although this wasn't the first round of custom orders I have worked with, I started thinking about the custom ordering process and how to make it more streamlined for both me and my customer.

Today I'm sharing ten tips that I have learned from being a seller on Etsy and working with a variety of custom requests. If you're an avid Etsy shopper who's interested in custom orders but never ask or thinking about requesting custom gifts for the upcoming holidays, I hope this helps guide you through a smoother process to finalize your custom order!

1. Message directly from a listing rather than an open message. It is easier for a seller to reference an item in their shop and match it with your request.

2. Provide links to photos of colors, designs, patterns, or shapes that inspire you. Even a Pinterest board can share a lot! These help us determine the style, dimensions, and color scheme you're looking  for.

3. Be as specific as possible, especially if you need something to match a specific color, size, pattern, etc.

4. Don't link to another Etsy shop or to a big box retailer's online website asking for direct replicas. If it's helpful to explain what you're looking for, that's good, but please don't ask us to create exactly what is available by another handmade artist or from mass production.

5. Anticipate that your custom order will require additional cost and time to make.

6. On that same note, provide a budget if you have one. It helps narrow down options quickly, as we sort through material options based on your target budget.

7. Provide a deadline as part of your initial message if you have one. If you need something in a week, please say it outright to avoid continuing the custom ordering process only to get everything finalize and realize that the timing doesn't work.

8. Follow up with us if you decided to go elsewhere or if you're no longer interested. If you need to think about it, let us know and provide a date when you expect to let us know by.

9. Provide a specific shipping address if it's different than what's listed on your Etsy account.

10. Don't hesitate to reach out if you're curious whether an item can be customized! I love helping my customers, and in some cases, I may make an exception for a custom order even if the listing says no customizations.

These are a few of the big tips, and I'm sure other Etsy or handmade sellers have more to share! I enjoy making custom burlap items, and I'm excited to use my sewing knowledge to help my customers create something that fits their vision.



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