Lina and Vi: New Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch

Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch

Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch - Lina and Vi - Plymouth MI

To close out the week, I'm here to share a brand new burlap clutch that I just wrapped up as a new item for the Grounds Collection - the fun new Blue Stripe burlap clutch!

This burlap clutch design is very similar to the earlier Cocoa Clutch, but it's a bit larger and features a zipper pocket on the interior. It measures about 13" wide and 8.5" tall (slightly longer than the Cocoa Clutch), with a flap top that secures shut with a wooden stained button. The burlap chosen for this clutch bag is a fun, deep blue graphical print with stripes, tear shape silhouettes, and a bold 'decaf' text on the back of the bag. It has a soft wrist strap, so it can be used like a wristlet or wallet on the go, or the strap can be folded into the bag easily to use it purely as a hand-held bag. It's flexible, which I love!

As I mentioned earlier, I inserted a small off-white zipper into this clutch as I knew it would be incredibly practical to have this extra storage pocket for small items. I'm not sure about you, but when I carry clutches or wristlets, I really have to be selective in terms of what I put in it because I typically cannot fit my large wallet and key ring. I know that having a zipper pocket can be a huge win for clutches, as it can keep IDs, cash, gum, and other small items safe and secure. This was a great choice for this bag.

Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch - Lina and Vi - Plymouth MI

Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch - Lina and Vi - Plymouth MI

Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch - Lina and Vi - Plymouth MI

Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch - Lina and Vi - Plymouth MI

The interior lining fabric I chose is a neutral color beige cotton. I kept it similar in terms of solid fabric and no bright colors in order to balance out the bold, playful design on the exterior burlap. I finished the outside with a top-stitching detail around the outline of the flap top.

Overall, I characterize this clutch as a fresh, whimsical bag that still has that natural, organic air to it. Honestly, it's just fun all around, and I think it embodies all of my personal excitement for the coming spring and summer!

You can find this Blue Stripe Burlap Clutch in our Etsy shop where it can purchased along with many more of our burlap bag designs.

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