Lina and Vi: New: Jute Mills Cross-body Burlap Bag

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

New: Jute Mills Cross-body Burlap Bag

Jute Mills burlap bag - - Plymouth MI

I'm excited to share a brand new Grounds burlap tote bag that is fresh off the sewing table. Welcome the Jute Mills cross-body burlap bag.  This is the third zippered cross-body bag we've created for the collection.  These bags are very popular as they allow you to carry a smaller number of items hands-free with the weight distributed across your body so you can travel all day without needing to fuss with it.

This bag is a unique design for us as it has both it's original jute coffee sack industrial tag appliqu├ęd to the front pocket and the original woven green thread throughout the front and back exterior.  We designed the bag so that it's minimal - there is only one outer slip pocket. The inside is lined with textured beige fabric and the bag is secured shut with a metal-tooth beige zipper.

Jute Mills burlap bag zipper - - Plymouth MI

Jute Mills burlap bag top - - Plymouth MI

Jute Mills burlap bag inside - - Plymouth MI

Jute Mills burlap bag - - Plymouth MI

Despite the fact that this is a pretty simple bag compared to others, there is still ample space to fit your necessities in this 9" by 11" design.  It's casual, fun, and practical for any season or time of year.

Sewing this bag was a lot of fun, as it required time to piece everything together to match steps and ensure the label was fitted on properly to give it a nod to its origin.  Like all of the Grounds bags, we love how this bag turned out and now want to share it with someone else. It's available for purchase now in our Etsy shop here.


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