Lina and Vi: New Jersey Striped Tote

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

New Jersey Striped Tote

linaandvi - New Jersey Tote

I'm here today to share photos of our newest Grounds bag creation made from a coffee burlap bag embellished with a green woven stripe. With Newark, NJ proudly written on one outer side of the burlap, this bag is primarily covered in printed text. For a touch of whimsy, we added the original jute bag tag to the top flap where you will see the white square stitched neatly in the center as a reminder of this bag's origins.

linaandvi - New Jersey Totelinaandvi - New Jersey Tote
linaandvi - New Jersey Tote

The New Jersey tote is medium size and designed to be a shoulder bag with one thick burlap strap. The interior features a small zipper pocket and a medium slip pocket to carry all of your contents in one secured area. The lining of the bag is a very thick, cream colored bottom-weight fabric. It's incredibly durable and strong, so it helps to keep the shape of the bag while withstanding the weight of everything inside of it.

We topped this bag off with a colorful, tribal fabric featuring shades of teal, light green, and pool blue, which line the bottom of the bag, the flap top, and the interior pockets. To finish it off, we added a metal clasp to keep it all wrapped up tightly, leaving the contents of your bag on the inside of your bag no matter where your day takes you.

linaandvi - New Jersey Tote

The New Jersey tote was designed with practicality and color in mind. It's a fun way to start a new season and a new look! How cute would this be with dark jeans, deep brown knee-high boots, a thick sweater, and a zip-up puffer vest to keep you warm this autumn? Wow, I think I just may have swayed myself into considering keeping this one for my fall wardrobe!

For now, it's available in our Etsy shop here. Grab it before it goes!

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