Lina and Vi: Introducing the Decaf Utility Bag

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Introducing the Decaf Utility Bag

Hi everyone! Here in Michigan the weather has been - what seems like - uncharacteristically fantastic these past few weeks. We braved a brutal winter so seeing the sun multiple days in a row feels oddly rewarding.

Today I'm sharing the latest Grounds bag - the Decaf Utility Bag. This is the first custom order bag sewn to requirements for the overall size, number and type of pockets, strap design, etc. I happen to know that this bag will be used as a summer diaper bag, but I do think it can be used for any need - not just for carrying baby items.  The only custom feature in the bag that really says 'diaper bag' are the two elastic loops placed in the inner side seams. These are meant to hold baby food spoons. But really, you could be resourceful and loop your key chain on them to keep your keys from disappearing to the bottom of the bag. Many purposes!

Decaf Utility Bag -
Decaf Utility Bag -
Decaf Utility Bag -
Decaf Utility Bag -
The finished dimensions are 17" wide, 13" tall, and 5" deep. There are two outer side pockets for bottles and one large outside pocket secured by velcro for small items like books, etc. I admit that I struggled with how to design and fasten the side pockets. This is why this bag has separate side panels whereas the other Grounds bags do not. We needed the side seams to enclose the two outer side pockets. I cannot believe how great they turned out. This was a learning lesson for me, and there's nothing I would change about them now so I feel like they are a success!

The inside of the bag is quite large and includes contrasting fabric along with the sides of the interior lining. As mentioned earlier, there are two elastic loops for securing spoons. There are two pockets, one secured by a zipper, and the entire bag snaps close with a magnetic metal snap.
Decaf Utility Bag -

As you can see in these photos, the Decaf Utility Bag can easily double as a laptop bag. I've placed my laptop and several other inside the bag to give you a sense of scale.

This bag is very spacious, colorful, and surprisingly light, which helps to avoid carrying additional weight in the summer heat. The burlap print is a brand new print for the collection. It was actually sourced from a coffee grinder in Alabama - so shout-out to Alabama for allowing us to expand our styles with new, fresh coffee sacks.

I hope you're having a great week and enjoying the day!

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