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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New in the shop: Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Case with Denim Detail

October has been busy. I know that I say that about pretty much every month, but this one is only half over and I'm wondering already where the time is going! Our little lady Adeline is turning 14 months old this month, and she is on the run, literally. She went from learning to crawl, to cautiously walking, to now running in a matter of three months. Her development day to day is incredible right now. She is keeping us busy as she prefers to walk everywhere herself now, and she loves to climb... everything she can! Just ask her what a doggie says, and she will respond in a low whisper - woof, woof. Even when she is behaving less than ideal, it makes me smile to hear this even in the most stressful moments.

Earlier in the month, my husband and I took a short trip for our anniversary. We visited Cape Cod with a short day trip to Martha's Vineyard, and it was childless and pretty relaxing. I like to vacation, but I am not a long vacationer. I like my routine so I enjoy being out of it for a few days but then I am eager to get back into "production" mode. It is the achiever in me, I can't help it. Overall, the trip was a success and we both would recommend taking a visit to the east coast if you can to eat seafood, enjoy the landscape, and just relax a bit.

Since we got back, I have been working late into the evenings to sew up three new large burlap zipper cases for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop. Today I am showcasing this beautiful denim and burlap zipper case that features a red and green graphic burlap industrial print paired with my all time favorite lining - a floral Rifle Paper Company print silky rayon in a cool color scheme. I opted for the neutral-colored gray faux suede bottom for the bag's exterior. Super functional but yet incredibly unique. These bags are very versatile, so they are great gifts alone or stuffed with a bunch of small items.

You can find this handmade bag ready to ship here.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

October Pop Up Shop: Lina and Vi + Beautycounter

I'm back today to share a fun update with my local readers about a holiday pop-up shop coming up on Sunday October 28th in Novi. I'll be partnering with a friend and local Beautycounter representative to showcase our items for anyone interested in getting an early start on their holiday shopping lists this season. This pop-up event will be at private residence so if you are interested in going, please send us a message on our Facebook page to get the full details! The event will run from 11am - 1pm.

I'm super excited to be participating in the first pop-up of the season. I will be sharing more updates on new items in the Lina and Vi shop later this week. With the holiday shopping season coming up, I have been spending a lot of time sewing up new bundles of burlap zipper pouches so they are gift-ready for the special person in your life who loves receiving handmade items.

Can't make this holiday pop up shop? We will have one more coming for our local customers in late November so stay tuned for details on that soon. And if you are not local but want to still show your support, you can shop Beautycounter online here and in the Lina and Vi Etsy shop here anytime!

Hope you are having a great start to your week!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Two New Upcycled Coffee Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundles

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

I have been full steam ahead preparing new burlap zipper pouch bundles for the upcoming holiday season. I'm super excited for the new items I'll have available in the coming weeks, but more importantly, I am incredibly thankful for being able to spend time sewing. I recently finished two new burlap flat zipper pouch sets, and I am here to share more of the details behind these new designs. Let's jump in!

The first burlap zipper pouch set features a 4" x 6" flat zipper pouch with a solid teal lining and a larger 9" x 10" zipper pouch with a black and white arrow print lining. Both zipper pouches feature bold, black industrial-like text on the burlap panels, a nod to the origins of the original jute coffee sack. A heavy duty metal zipper secures the larger flat pouch, and both pouches have a brown faux suede zipper pull for style and functionality. This set is a great way to get two matching pouches in two different sizes to help you organize items big and small.

The second burlap zipper pouch bundle also features one of our popular 4" x 6" flat zipper pouches paired with a larger 8" x 11" flat zipper pouch. These two compliment each other quite well. The small pouch is lined with a brown leopard print fabric whereas the larger is lined with a solid cream canvas. You will see a theme of calm and color among these zipper pouch bundles, with the burlap tying the two together again.

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

Upcycled Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Pouches - handmade by Lina and Vi

These two burlap zipper pouch bundles are completely handmade by me in Plymouth, Michigan and are available for purchase now in the Lina and Vi Etsy shop. Stay tuned for more updates on what I am sewing in my studio these next few weeks by liking the Lina and Vi Facebook page - only two more 'Likes' until we hit two hundred!

As always, thank you for reading this and supporting my small handmade business.


Friday, October 5, 2018

DIY Wooden Dollhouse Bookshelf

DIY Wood Girls Dollhouse Bookshelf

It's been a while since I shared some of the projects from around my house, and I am finally getting around to posting about this fun DIY dollhouse bookshelf in my daughter's room. I saw a similar dollhouse shelf on another blog, but it was manufactured by a big box retailer and for a pretty high price. With my husband's woodworking skills and tools, he took my vision and made it into reality. I am thrilled with how it turned out so let me walk through some of the details of it with you.

I opted for a more traditional dollhouse frame, with three levels for books. The bottom of the dollhouse is trimmed with moulding. The sides each have two windows in fun shapes with shoe moulding trim. My husband is very detailed oriented (like me), and he loves to add embellishments with his woodworking projects, especially if it gives him the opportunity to try a new technique or skill. So, he opted to add the scalloped awning on the room that you see trim the top roofline. Once that was done, he painted it white and anchored it to the wall so it would be safe for a child who may pull on it.

                      DIY Wood Girls Dollhouse Bookshelf

                DIY Wood Girls Dollhouse Bookshelf

I really love this dollhouse bookshelf for a couple of reasons. It's pretty versatile - it is functional as a bookshelf like you see here, but when my daughter is old enough, we can take the books off and use it for play. I like that it is not just an ordinary bookshelf. It is whimsical and fits perfectly in a child's room to evoke imagination and playfulness. Lastly, it is special because my husband made it with his hands for our daughter. I hope she will appreciate that as she gets older, and it can remind her to be creative in her daily life.

If you are interested in seeing a full tour of my daughter's nursery, you can check it out here. As with all of the projects I share on the blog, sewing or not, I hope this inspires you to think outside the box and take a leap to create something with your own hands and skills.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018

DIY Mama Silhouette Cameo T-Shirt: J.Crew Inspiration

DIY Silhouette Cameo Mama T-Shirt by Lina and VI

I had been eyeing this fun J.Crew "Mama" t-shirt after seeing another mom blogger wearing it a few months ago. I didn't know where to buy it until a few weeks ago when I saw it linked up to J.Crew, and when I clicked through to purchase it, they didn't have my size left. I thought it would fun to try to recreate this "Mama" J.Crew prinkshop t-shirt on my own using my Silhouette Cameo.

I used the extra glitter heat transfer vinyl I had on hand for the letters. I used a basic font in the Silhouette Studio software that I thought most closely matched the font used on the J.Crew version of the shirt. Once I had the text cut out, I purchased a plain, scoop neck t-shirt from my local Target and went to ironing the vinyl onto the front of the shirt.


I love how this "knock-off" turned out. It's a great color for the fall season, and it was a fraction of the cost. I'm continually amazed at how easy it is to create something that is personalized to my liking using the Cameo. It is a fun machine to have, and I keep finding new ways to use it.

I hope this inspires you to make something for yourself, a friend, or family member!

Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 14, 2018

New Burlap Zipper Pouches + September Updates

Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

I have been busy behind the scenes working away at several new sets of burlap zipper pouches for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop! I'm very excited to offer a new bundle set featuring one larger zipper pouch measuring 8" x  9" paired with a small 4" x 6" pouch. You will start seeing more bundles in our shop as we gear up for the holiday season ahead. Our small burlap pouch sets have been very popular, so I'm getting excited to offer more variations in sizes so that you can find matching sets for you or as a gift at a discounted price than buying them as singles. It's also a lot of fun for me to mix and match the designs!

Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

Burlap Zipper Pouch Bundle Set by Lina and Vi - upcycled - handmade - repurposed - made in michigan -

This month, like many, seems to be flying by for me. What originally started as a pretty light month in terms of commitments and plans, it has filled up with lots of fun things for us! The season is changing here in Michigan, and I'm hoping to be able to spend as much time outside as possible before the cold sets in. I am not looking forward to those days, but the silver lining is that I'm hoping that I'll be spending my time inside in front of my sewing machine more. Looking ahead, I'll be taking a small weekend trip in October to celebrate my anniversary, plus we have birthdays and our first holiday of a stream of holidays coming up. It will be busy, but I am trying to focus on the good parts of being busy which is celebrating happy moments.

I recently discovered chatter around the book Girl, Wash Your Face. While I haven't read it yet as I'm waiting for it to become available at the local library, I have listened to a number of podcasts that Rachel Hollis shares on my way into work. I really like her conversation style, and many of her topics hit home for me. I have definitely become more into self-help topics in the last few years, and her podcast, as well as her book, speak to this area, especially for women and moms too.  Since I don't have formal schooling any longer, I like to pick up a self-help book every now and then to learn how to improve. We can all be better people, and if it means leading a more positive and happy life, I am game. Have you read the book? What do you think? Leave me a comment! You can find her Let's Rise podcast here.

Hope you have a great weekend!