Lina and Vi: New in the shop: Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Case with Denim Detail

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New in the shop: Coffee Sack Burlap Zipper Case with Denim Detail

October has been busy. I know that I say that about pretty much every month, but this one is only half over and I'm wondering already where the time is going! Our little lady Adeline is turning 14 months old this month, and she is on the run, literally. She went from learning to crawl, to cautiously walking, to now running in a matter of three months. Her development day to day is incredible right now. She is keeping us busy as she prefers to walk everywhere herself now, and she loves to climb... everything she can! Just ask her what a doggie says, and she will respond in a low whisper - woof, woof. Even when she is behaving less than ideal, it makes me smile to hear this even in the most stressful moments.

Earlier in the month, my husband and I took a short trip for our anniversary. We visited Cape Cod with a short day trip to Martha's Vineyard, and it was childless and pretty relaxing. I like to vacation, but I am not a long vacationer. I like my routine so I enjoy being out of it for a few days but then I am eager to get back into "production" mode. It is the achiever in me, I can't help it. Overall, the trip was a success and we both would recommend taking a visit to the east coast if you can to eat seafood, enjoy the landscape, and just relax a bit.

Since we got back, I have been working late into the evenings to sew up three new large burlap zipper cases for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop. Today I am showcasing this beautiful denim and burlap zipper case that features a red and green graphic burlap industrial print paired with my all time favorite lining - a floral Rifle Paper Company print silky rayon in a cool color scheme. I opted for the neutral-colored gray faux suede bottom for the bag's exterior. Super functional but yet incredibly unique. These bags are very versatile, so they are great gifts alone or stuffed with a bunch of small items.

You can find this handmade bag ready to ship here.

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