Lina and Vi: New! Black Dot Large Burlap Zipper Case

Thursday, February 22, 2018

New! Black Dot Large Burlap Zipper Case

Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI

One of the reasons I chose to work with upcycled materials is that using burlap coffee sacks gives me the option to make something completely unique. Although there are a lot of independent fabric designers, it can be difficult to find a fabric, print or woven, that is truly one of a kind. Repurposing burlap means that I get to use select cuts of burlap sacks and that burlap has flaws that are completely authentic to that burlap sack alone. Even the same burlap sack print can be used, but the sack has characteristics that are completely unique to the path it took to find its way onto my sewing machine.

With that, I'm here today to share my latest design featuring an incredible bold, graphic print. I'm calling this large burlap zipper case the Black Dot zipper pouch. It features black text and graphics on the burlap, a brown, soft faux suede bottom, and as the name indicates, a black and white polka dot interior lining.

Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI
Black Dot Burlap Zipper Bag handmade in Plymouth, MI - Lina and VI

This is my first design for 2018, and it is one that I am extremely proud of because the burlap is just so cool. I almost want to keep it for myself, but I already have a cosmetic bag that I use (and made myself). But this burlap bag can have many uses, not just cosmetic. You can check out the dimensions here and get creative in how you can use it to organize your goods.

If you missed my last post, we have a giveaway going for a small Lina and Vi handmade burlap zipper pouch! The entries are super simple - just visit the Lina and Vi Etsy shop and Facebook page and you will get an entry into the giveaway for each viewing. The burlap pouch was completely handmade by me in Plymouth, Michigan. It ends on Sunday, so make sure to enter before then. It will probably take less than a minute!

You can shop the Black Dot burlap zipper pouch in our Etsy shop here. It is available and ready to ship!

I hope you have a good weekend!

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