Lina and Vi: DIY Baby Girl Nursery Decals with Silhouette Cameo

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DIY Baby Girl Nursery Decals with Silhouette Cameo

baby girl nursery diy decals silhouette cameo florals by

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been thinking through a few ideas I had to decorate our baby's nursery, and one that kept popping in my head was flowers. I knew I wanted to do something with flowers, and if possible, I wanted to make something myself using my Cameo. There is one far wall across from the crib that was pretty empty, with just a framed mirror hanging. After searching Pinterest and other decor sites, I had the idea to make 3D paper flowers and place them randomly around the mirror to give the wall some interest and texture without making the room too busy. Our nursery room is small, and the last thing I wanted to do was introduce more decor when I knew that the room would soon fill up with baby supplies.

Late last week, I was browsing the Silhouette blog contributor list, and I came across the blog, Classy Cutter, created by two women mainly focused on DIY projects using an electronic cutter, specifically the Silhouette Cameo. By luck, I came across their DIY Floral Faux Wallpaper post, and thought it would be a great alternative to paper flowers on the nursery wall. I loved the large floral print, and I knew that I could manage to make something similar with supplies I had at home.

While I purchased the same decal template used in the Classy Cutter post ($1!), I modified my application a bit by scattering different size dahlia flowers over the top portion of the wall with more negative space in between. I did this partly because I didn't have very much white vinyl on hand and partly because I was again nervous that adding too much would make the wall too busy. I am focused on keeping the room as simple as possible to evoke calmness and serenity. (Somewhere an experienced mom is laughing at me, I know. We can all hope, right?!)

Applying the decals was tricky given that the vinyl is quite thin with many cutouts. I would describe it like applying a spider web sticker onto a flat surface at a large scale - there were several areas that would fold over from static cling and stick together which I had to spend time carefully pulling apart. With a little help from my husband to apply the decals high up near the ceiling, this whole project took about four hours total spanning a couple of weeknights. Aside from the image purchase, I had all of the supplies already on hand.

baby girl nursery diy decals silhouette cameo florals by

baby girl nursery diy decals silhouette cameo florals by

baby girl nursery diy decals silhouette cameo florals by

There is still a lot to do with this nursery, but it is coming together slowly but surely. By the end of the month, I hope to have much of it complete, with the exception of the organization of the closet, which will take some time and may change when the baby arrives since I'll quickly figure out what I will need access to the most.

I hope this DIY project inspires you to tackle a project at home that you have been wanting to complete but have been hesitant to start. Make Pinterest your friend and start small - when the inspiration strikes, you will be surprised what you can do!

Thanks for letting me share my latest baby DIY with you!

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