Lina and Vi: September Transitions: Eastern Market, Burlap Pouches, and More

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September Transitions: Eastern Market, Burlap Pouches, and More

Burlap Zipper Pouches by Lina and Vi, Plymouth MI -

A new month has started, and we are now in the middle of the fall season! These past few weeks have been full, but more on that later. I'm excited for what the new month will bring, and for me, it is a busy one. I will be traveling a bit over a couple of weekends as well as trying my best to attend a number of happy events including a wedding shower, baby shower, first birthday party, and so on. I recently read a book that offered some advice that I am trying hard not to forget - a busy life is a full life. I am working on changing the way I think about it so that it is positive, not negative, and it acts as a reminder that I should be grateful for everything that makes my life full.

When I look back at September, all it makes me think of is, what a month of transition. I turned a year older at the start of the month, and of course, the seasons changed as we head into cooler weather here in Michigan.  My husband and I celebrated a close friend's wedding and spent an afternoon walking around Eastern Market in Detroit while stopping to try a new restaurant, Green Dot Stables. I did some horseback riding, and in the last two weeks, I experienced some unexpected career changes that are now keeping me on my toes.

I had the opportunity to spend a good portion of the month sewing to fill an order for the local Michigan business, Bundled Michigan, who will be packaging our handmade burlap zipper pouches in their gift boxes. Of all the events in the last month, this opportunity is one of my absolute favorites! I'm thrilled to see how Bundled incorporates my burlap pouches into their boxes. I'll be sharing more about it in the coming weeks.

So this wraps up another month and kicks off a brand new one. I'm working on a new set of burlap zipper pouches for the Lina and Vi Etsy shop this weekend which I am very proud to share in the next few days. Remember to follow us on Facebook where you will find more frequent and behind the scenes photos of projects in process and late night sewing adventures!

Happy October!

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