Lina and Vi: Marching Onward

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Marching Onward

Lina and Vi burlap crossbody bad - handmade in plymouth michigan -

Hello everyone! Here we are nearing the end of July, and I can't decide if this month has flown by or dragged on. This is one of the slower months of the year where the weather is hot and the days feel everlasting. 

Despite my quietness here on the blog, I've been working away day by day on Lina and Vi, sewing, designing, and tweaking things a little each day to see what works and what doesn't. Last week, we held a giveaway on our Facebook page which was fun to put together. We don't offer giveaways very often - this was maybe our third and it felt good to award the winner, Suzanne, a local Michigan resident. She definitely has some happy mail coming her way this weekend! 

Running a small, handmade business is a lot more work than most people realize. Often times, it is one person behind the scenes juggling the making, customer service, selling, advertising, shipping, sourcing, and marketing. There is a lot that I've learned along the way and so much more that I don't even know. It's all still fascinating to me, and that is what keeps my wheels turning every day, thinking about what I could improve.

I wrapped up a new cross-body burlap zipper bag this week that is coming to our Etsy shop tomorrow.  Inspired by the casual, hands-free bags of summer, this new burlap purse is a functional statement piece. I don't have any behind the scenes photos to share on this one, but there will be more detailed photos coming up on the blog in the next few days.

I hope you're spending your July in a memorable and meaningful way. As always, thank you for the continued support of Lina and Vi!


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