Lina and Vi: Vanilla Burlap Tote Debut

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Vanilla Burlap Tote Debut

Over this past weekend, I wrapped up our latest burlap tote bag in the Grounds Collection, the Vanilla burlap tote. I'm proud of how this new tote turned out, and I'm here today to share a few photos of the final bag.

The Vanilla burlap tote is a medium sized shoulder bag with flat cream straps and an off-white faux leather bottom. This is the second bag where I used a thick, faux leather as contrast against the repurposed coffee bag burlap for the bag's exterior bottom, and I'm turning into a huge fan. I love the polished look of this material, but what really is a bonus is the structure it provides to the bag's shape. Heavy weight interfacing helps to keep the burlap stiff, and a thick material on the bottom helps to keep the bag's shape when carried.  Overall, the bag's exterior is pretty simple and neutral, hence the Vanilla name for the off-white accent color.

I designed the interior using striped gray and yellow fabric to give it some pop of color when you open the bag up. The interior is spacious and offers one slide pocket in a contrasting fabric for small item organization. I think I had spring on my mind when picking out the lining fabric, but I feel that the color scheme is muted enough for any season and, of course, stripes are classic!

That's it - simple, neutral, and sophisticated. A tote bag designed for the person who wants a classic look to her bag contrasted with a bit of color on the inside. It's now available for purchase in our Etsy shop.


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