Lina and Vi: Updates PLUS New Cobalt Blue Michigan Pillows!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Updates PLUS New Cobalt Blue Michigan Pillows!

Great Lakes burlap pillow - Lina and Vi

And, we're back! I hope you had a great holiday this past week, celebrating and spending time with family and friends. My husband and I traveled around southeast and mid-Michigan to spend time with family. I think the most exciting thing for us was that it was our first Christmas with our pup, Ellie, so we had fun watching her tear open a few small gifts.

The weather is a bit dreary here in Michigan, but with a week off from my full time job, I'm lucky to be able to stay inside, drink hot cocoa, and sew! I just completed two new versions of our popular Great Lakes and Michigan Home pillows using a fun cobalt blue fabric paint, rather than the usual navy blue and black. I asked my husband, "How would you describe this color blue?" and he said, "Honolulu the Detroit Lions." I am not a huge football fan, and living in the Detroit area all of my life, I would not have known that. Is that bad? I don't know, but I opted to go with a cobalt blue description on these instead. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who doesn't know what color Honolulu blue is, right? ;-)

The Great Lakes pillow is a smaller square pillow, measuring 11 inches by 11 inches. It's our smallest pillow yet, and I wanted to make something versatile that could be added among other, larger pillows on a couch. I love how the color turned out, and I think it works well with the lake theme!

Great Lakes burlap pillow - Lina and Vi

The second pillow is a variation on our popular Michigan Home rectangle pillow. It measures 8 inches by 10 inches. Similar to the Great Lakes pillow, it is hand-stenciled using the cobalt blue paint, a small departure from the navy blue which was previously available in this design.

Michigan Home pillow - Lina and Vi

I also did sew up a new Michigan silhouette pillow as a back-up so that I have one ready to ship for any new orders. I've shared this pillow a couple of times in the past, and you can always see current photos in our Etsy shop.

Our repurposed burlap pillows were a hit this holiday season, since they are great personalized gifts for all occasions. I'm working to sew up back-up for new orders that come in during the next few weeks, but if you're looking for something custom, please message me (Erica) at linaandvi at gmail dot com or via our Etsy shop.


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