Lina and Vi: The Autumn Collection: The Great Lakes Burlap Pillow

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Autumn Collection: The Great Lakes Burlap Pillow

Great Lakes burlap pillow -

We're wrapping up the Autumn Collection series today with the Great Lakes burlap pillow, which is my favorite of the collection. This burlap pillow is symbolic of what makes Michigan famous. Those five Great Lakes that hug our state are stunning and celebrated by those who live here and those who travel here to see them.

This pillow was time consuming to make, mostly attributed to creating and cutting the stencil.  There are many intricacies with the silhouette of the Great Lakes. I think the amount of detail that turned out is perfect - the silhouette of the Great Lakes form the inverted silhouette of the upper and lower peninsulas.

I added a special design element to the Great Lakes pillow that isn't found with the other designs in this collection. The woven burlap that outlines the square shape was originally cut from the seam on the burlap coffee bean sack and used as a trim. This pillow is smaller, measuring 13 inches tall and wide. All focus is on the hand-stenciled designed, making this a truly one-of-a-kind, repurposed item.

Great Lakes burlap pillow -

Great Lakes burlap pillow -

There is only one pillow available, and I know I'll be somewhat sad to see it go when the time comes, but knowing that it will be in the hands of someone who enjoys the landscape of this state and values it being handmade with repurposed materials is enough satisfaction.

Well folks, that wraps up our Autumn Collection.  Thank you for your continued support with this journey! It was exciting to see these through from concept to creation, and I hope you will love them as much as I do. Visit the Burlap Autumn Pillow section in our Etsy shop for pricing and purchasing information.


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