Lina and Vi: Pink + Brown Zipper Burlap Clutch

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Pink + Brown Zipper Burlap Clutch

A quick update to share a few photos from a clutch I made as a gift for my mom's birthday last week (Happy birthday, Mom!). I sketched out a clutch bag with a wrist strap and a metal zipper closure that I thought fit her style well. The design I came up with called for a solid contrasting bottom that I had planned to be my first try sewing with leather, but my local fabric shop came up short and didn't have leather in stock so I went with vinyl.  The look is very similar, just the texture of the vinyl is slightly different than the leather, of course. Sewing the vinyl was also my first go at sewing with a ballpoint needle, and I honestly had absolutely no issues sewing it at all. I love how the contrasting cream thread appears against the dark brown solid fabric.  The interior is a heavy cream canvas material. Also, if you're looking for tips sewing with vinyl, I received advice from someone working at the fabric shop to spray a bit of Pam on the zipper foot to keep it moving smoothly over the vinyl. Who knew!

I waited to share these photos with you since I wanted this to be a surprise.  I'm thinking about designing a second one very similar to this for sale in our Etsy shop. What do you think?

Hope you're having a great week!

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