Lina and Vi: Plymouth Art Fair

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Plymouth Art Fair

I spent this past weekend walking around downtown Plymouth's Art in the Park fair. The sun was shining and the crowds were thick. If you attended, you probably stopped by many great booths filled with handcrafted items made from so many talented people. If you also dropped into Birch Wood boutique to see the Lina and Vi bags and pillows on display, thank you so very much. We sold several of our Michigan burlap pillows this weekend, which was so exciting. I had to replenish quickly, and we still have few stocked up and ready to sell for anyone who wanted to purchase one at the boutique but didn't have a chance. Plus, they are always available in our Etsy shop...and always hand painted and sewn by yours truly.

I'm working my way through a set of new burlap zipper pouches as we shipped out a new bridesmaid order late last week.  A lot of new, colorful linings are in store for the upcoming set I've been working on. If you follow Lina and Vi on Facebook, you'll notice that I have a few furry disruptions around here these days as my pup loves to lay all over my cutting mat and chase after my rotary cutter. She is 5 months old already and growing fast!

It's a short update today, but I will be back later this week with photos of our newest Grounds burlap tote bag sewn from a brand new burlap design!


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