Lina and Vi: DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric

Sunday, July 26, 2015

DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric

DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric - Lina and Vi - ESS

I'm here today to share a few photos of an extremely quick DIY sewing project I worked on this past weekend, sans burlap! I busted out the scraps of gold polka dot fabric that I used on the Bold Gold Polka Burlap Tote bag last month and decided that I wanted to make a cute little bandana for our pup. Ever since we knew we were getting a dog, my husband and I have stopped in to many pet stores to peruse and see what's available for dogs. I remember stopping in a store in Philadelphia and seeing these adorable dog bandana in different patterned fabric that were secured with a large button. It was clear that someone handmade them, but the price tag showed $18 and I knew that these were so easy to make that it just wasn't worth it to purchase it.

So, I grabbed my scrap fabric and cut out a triangle using the branded bandana that was given to us from the dog daycare when our puppy stayed there for a few days when we last traveled.  I used gold metallic thread to sew a zig-zag stitch on the raw edges all the way around to keep them from raveling. I sewed on a small Lina and Vi tag on one side, just because ;-). And that's it! It probably took all of ten minutes. This is a great project for a beginner or for anyone looking to use up their scrap fabric.

DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric - Lina and Vi - ESS

DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric - Lina and Vi - ESS

DIY Dog Bandana Using Scrap Fabric - Lina and Vi - ESS

You can choose to add a button and button hole to secure the bandana around the dog's neck, but since our puppy is, well, a puppy, I was too nervous she would tear the bandana off with her teeth and swallow the button.....and no one wants a trip to the vet's office to see an X-ray showing said button lodged somewhere it shouldn't be!

In hindsight, I wish I would have made mine a tiny bit bigger since my puppy has grown a bit in the last month, but it fits with a small knot at the very end and she doesn't even bother with it or tug at it. This is a quick gift for any dog lover in your life or to spoil one of your very own ;-).


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