Lina and Vi: New Bag! Bold Gold Burlap Tote

Monday, June 15, 2015

New Bag! Bold Gold Burlap Tote

Bold Gold Polka Dot burlap tote bag - top view -  lina and vi plymouth mi

Happy Monday! If you follow Lina and Vi on Facebook, you may have noticed that I posted new photos of a brand new tote bag late last week - the Bold Gold polka dot burlap tote. In our earlier post, I shared a few details on the progress of this bag as it was coming together. I'm super excited to say that it's one of my new favorites in the Grounds Collection. This isn't the first bag with polka dot lining, but it's the first to use metallic printed fabric and I'm in love with how that balances with the distressed, repurposed burlap fabric. It was an unexpected combination that turned out as a fun design.

As much as I love how it turned out, I loved sewing it. It measures what I consider is a medium/large tote at about 12.5 inches tall and 19 inches across. With a 3 inch depth, there's plenty of space to store anything from laptops and tablets to swimsuits and sunscreen. The interior features one zipper pocket to keep those personal items secure, while 2 slide pockets store easy to reach items when you're on the go and need to grab your keys/cell/lipgloss without digging through the contents of your bag (been there, done that). To add that pop of color and fun, the bottom of the bag features the same metallic gold polka dot cotton fabric. The exterior burlap is the same print on both the front and back. You probably recognize it from the Clean Sound and New bag and the set of four bridesmaids totes that I've previously sewn. I have a stack of these burlap coffee bean sacks, so they are making several debuts using different bag designs and a unique lining fabric.

Bold Gold Polka Dot burlap tote bag - interior view -  lina and vi plymouth mi

Bold Gold Polka Dot burlap tote bag - interior view -  lina and vi plymouth mi

Bold Gold Polka Dot burlap tote bag - lina and vi plymouth mi

I adore it.  As I sit at my desk typing this up, I have a strip of extra metallic gold polka dot fabric that is next to my keyboard, waiting for that bit of inspiration and motivation to transform it into a headband, keychain strap, or whatever else I can make out of this tiny strip.

Although this bag is near to my heart, I have decided to make it available for purchase in the shop. I decided that I want to share it with someone else who will love it as much as I do, and I'm excited for who that person will be. You can find photos, details, and purchase information when you follow the link here.

I'll be back later this week with a few more sewing and non-sewing related updates! Have a great week!


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