Lina and Vi: Burlap Farmer's Market Tote

Monday, March 2, 2015

Burlap Farmer's Market Tote

Burlap Market Tote bag - Lina and Vi

I spent the last week working on this light-weight, large burlap market tote appropriately named the Cafe Market Tote. This was a fun project as it is the first design with exposed exterior burlap seams, giving it some fringe and texture. The interior is super simple - no pockets, no zips, no fuss. Just a barn red canvas fabric to give the bag a bit of structure and softness.

I've been wanting to design a market tote for quite some time, as I've seen them trending quite a bit around the blog and Pinterest communities online. I love that they are multi-purpose. They are very basic, as in, they hold your stuff. But, a market tote is meant to be light-weight and thin so that you can fold it up and carry it with you on the go, for those times when you're stopping in at the library, walking around a weekend farmer's market, or toting your towel at the pool.

This particular burlap design is quite colorful. This is my second time using this print (see our Brazil tote here from last year here, which is now sold.) It's embellished with black industrial print, green leaves, and apple red fruit.  The handles are self-made using the same burlap in triple-ply thickness with a finished edge, so no scratching on your hands. Typically, our bags use a store-bought woven belting for straps, but that felt too heavy for this bag's design.

Burlap Market Tote bag - Lina and Vi

Burlap Market Tote bag - Lina and Vi

Burlap Market Tote bag - Lina and Vi

I was channeling my inner sun when I created this bag. I am longing so much for the winter to end here in Michigan. It's about this time of the year when even the smallest bit of sun and warmth feel like heaven. As I looked out the window this past weekend, I was trying to determine if the inches of snow that have been on our patio were melting. Is that wet there at the bottom? Oh yes, I was having a desperate moment, clinging on to the excitement that winter is finally (hopefully) wrapping up.

So, get ready for spring with a brand new market bag. Casual, fun, repurposed. Visit it in our Etsy shop here.

Oh, and as a added bonus, we're offering one our small zipper pouches as part of this market tote for free.

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