Lina and Vi: New Panama Tote Bag

Monday, December 22, 2014

New Panama Tote Bag

Panama tote bag front - Lina and Vi

As I sit here typing, I have to laugh as I read my last post as I think I have managed to not follow every tip in the Top 10 Tips for Working with Burlap this past week. I only have to look down at myself and see the clothing I wore to work today covered in burlap fuzzies. It's especially nice with a black sweater. Even I don't follow my own rules sometimes!

At any rate, it's Christmas week which means a short week at work and jam packed days of family parties and visiting. Since my in-laws live in Frankenmuth, I'll be traveling this week to spend some time there as well with my family in the Detroit area.

This past weekend I finished a brand new Grounds Collection tote bag, the Panama bag. This is a relatively small shoulder bag with one inner zipper pocket and one inner slide pocket. The bag measures approximately 12 inches by 11 inches, which is considerably small compared to the other bags in the collection. It's a perfect size if you are looking for something to carry the basics - phone, makeup, wallet, keys. There's probably room for a water bottle and a snack, two things I typically carry in my purse for days when I'm running around or stuck in traffic. It's not bulky, but it's sturdy. Plus, it's the first burlap design of it's kind that I've worked with so the only in the Grounds Collection to date. The front and back burlap design are cut from the same piece so the design continues from one side to the other. If you look closely, you will see the word "Panama" printed at the top opening of the bag.

Panama tote bag back - Lina and Vi

Panama tote bag inner - Lina and Vi

This Panama tote bag is available in our Etsy shop today. Visit it here to see more details.

Wishing you a great holiday week!

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