Lina and Vi: Arabica Fold-over Cross-body Bag

Friday, November 28, 2014

Arabica Fold-over Cross-body Bag

Despite the planning, designing, and sewing these past few weeks for our Holiday 2014 Collection, I haven't lost focus on designing new items for the Grounds tote bag collection. I've been noticing a trend recently on sewing and fashion blogs with fold-over bags. There are a lot of tutorials out of there for how to sew them, typically in a clutch or wristlet design. I decided that a fold-over bag would be a great addition to the Grounds collection, however I wanted to add a few spins on it. The end result is this fun, burlap Arabica cross-body bag designed to look a bit modern but still casual.

The Arabica crossbody bag is a type of fold-over bag, where the fold-over piece is cut from a separate fabric, an extremely soft but structure gray fabric. The body of the bag, like all Grounds totes and bags, is sewn from a coffee burlap sack purchased from a local coffee roaster in Plymouth, MI and repurposed into a practical and fun everyday bag. The interior is lined with a cotton fabric printed with small leaves in light purple on white. I chose this fabric as it coordinated well with the gray fold-over and the dark black industrial type on the burlap. It is a beautiful contrast to the burlap print, which is more industrial and "rough" in feeling, as this interior print appears small and delicate.


As with many of previous cross-body bags, the bag features a long, double-ply woven belting strap in a light tan color. The fold-over secures all of the items in the bag shut with a lightly stained, wooden toggle button.

I like that the text on the burlap is off-center and hugs the side seams. I think it gives it a modern feel and look, especially with the gray fold-over piece which reminds of a lot of the color blocking trend we saw not too long ago. The Arabic cross-body is one of my favorites, and I'm thrilled with how this new design turned out. You can find this bag and others for sale in our Esty shop today. Remember to shop handmade and shop local as much as possible this season - know where your items are being manufactured and by whom!

I hope you're having a great start to your weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!


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