Lina and Vi: Off the Record: Flannel Pajama Shorts

Monday, October 6, 2014

Off the Record: Flannel Pajama Shorts

Flannel lace PJ shorts - Lina and Vi

Today I'm sharing a few photos and details about a recent sewing project that I embarked on this past weekend. And, since this project has absolutely nothing to do with the Lina and Vi collection of products, let's pretend I'm sharing this off the record since there's no burlap to be seen anywhere in this project.

I learned via the sewing blog-o-sphere over the weekend that the last week of September was named "Selfish Sewing Week". You can find the details here if you are interested in reading more about it. I just so happened to purchase some soft, pale pink and gray colored flannel a few weeks ago that was on sale (and of course calling my name). I had been thinking of making myself some flannel pants to prepare for the Polar Vortex 2.0 (or whatever they call, aka winter). I sewed some green flannel pants for my husband last year, but I wanted something warmer for me this year since I'm always the one about twenty degrees colder than everyone else in the house.

I modified a Simplicity pattern to make shorts rather than pants. I've used the pattern many times before, and you can likely find it on the 'easy to sew' or 'super simple' 2.99 rack at Joann's. They aren't a perfect fit, but they are PJ pants, so I didn't find it necessary to tailor the pattern. I suggest this project for any beginner sewer; it's only two pieces and pretty basic hemming and seams.

Flannel lace PJ shorts - Lina and Vi

I added trim to my shorts using some gifted stretch lace from a friend who gave me a box of lace trim that was previously left over at a high school sewing room and looking for a new home. I wanted to give the shorts a bit of a feminine look in contrast to the flannel, masculine print. The waistband will be encased elastic. I am out of elastic, so this part is not yet complete and not shown in the photos. Eventually, the waistband will be gathered from the elastic, and the shorts will be complete.

You might be thinking, well what's worth using flannel to keep you warm if you only have shorts and not pants? Good question. I didn't have enough flannel to make pants (I purchased the end of the bolt), so shorts is what I went with. I am going to use the remaining flannel to make a top so I have a pajama set for this. Not sure yet where to find a pattern for the PJ top. Let me know if you have any pattern recommendations!

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