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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

La Florida

If I had it my way, I would be in the sunshine all day every day. But, since I live in Michigan, I must endure the dark winter season when it can seem like we haven't seen in the sun in weeks. Well, this newest bag in our Grounds collection was inspired by the bright days and warm sun of Florida. Say hello to the La Florida large shoulder bag.

Designed with a colorful, one-of-a kind burlap coffee sack, this bag towers above the rest at about 18" by 16" and 30" fabric-covered rope straps. This beauty features a faux, beige suede which provides structure to the bottom of the bag, and a colorful accent to the strap handles and the detailing on the inner slide pocket. The bag features a cream, heavy-weight top stitching thread and a deep brown interior lining.

La Florida burlap bag -

La Florida burlap bag -

Last post, I promised to share a bit of the back story about how I discovered this fun burlap print. When surveying a recent purchase of a coffee sack at the local coffee roaster (and my vendor), Espresso Elevado, I noticed some colored ink appearing on the outside of the original coffee sack that did not appear to be part of the exterior printed design. After some snooping around, I turned the coffee sack inside out and discovered this beautiful print used on the La Florida bag. It was completely hidden on the inside of this coffee sack. I couldn't believe it when I turned it inside out and discovered this design that I had never seen before. I designed this bag to feature as much of the full print as possible because it is so rare of a print. For those who are new to Lina and Vi's Grounds collection, I do not print on the burlap used for these bags. These designs are original and are woven or printed by the coffee companies used to store and transport coffee beans.

You never know what you might find if you dig around. Welcome this newest addition to the Grounds family, and visit the Etsy listing for additional details and to purchase this lovely bag.


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