Lina and Vi: Introducing the Water Bag

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Introducing the Water Bag

Water Bag - - burlap Grounds bag - Plymouth MI

Life have been busy these past few weeks, and I've been slowly sewing several new Grounds bags when I've had free evenings. You'll notice that our Etsy shop is pretty bare right now. The support for the Grounds bags have been wonderful. I am so grateful and thankful!  I'm focused now on getting some new designs finished and into our shop.

Today, I am sharing photos of the new Water Bag. This bag is custom designed, so many of the elements you see in this bag were specifically requested. I'm very excited about this particular bag because it is the first tote bag that has a zipper closure (of course aside from the zipper pouches and the crossbody bag). It took several drawings and diagrams to determine how to create a zipper top on the bag. Although the zipper closure doesn't extend all the way to the sides of the bag, it covers nearly the entire opening of the tote bag, ensuring that most items inside are secure if the bag should fall over (or tossed around...which I may or may not be guilty of doing with my other purses and bags at times).

        Water Bag - - burlap Grounds bag - Plymouth MI
top Water Bag - - burlap Grounds bag - Plymouth MI
         zipper Water Bag - - burlap Grounds bag - Plymouth MI
         floral lining Water Bag - - burlap Grounds bag - Plymouth MI

The floral print was at the request of the owner, along with the two outer slip pockets and the one inner slip pocket secured by velcro. I love the burlap coffee print on this burlap. It was another coffee sack purchased locally in downtown Plymouth at a small coffee roaster, and it fits the overall colorful and playful design of this bag.

Next, we'll be sharing another new bag - the For Export Only large shoulder tote. Stay tuned for new photos and remember to "like" Lina and Vi on Facebook for more frequent updates and in-progress photos!

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