Lina and Vi: Wear // Styling with a burlap bag

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wear // Styling with a burlap bag

This week I'm busy pinning my favorite looks on my new Styling with a burlap bag board on Pinterest where you can find my inspiration and all time favorite choices for pairing accessories, beauty concepts, and outfits with any of the Grounds burlap bags.

It's interesting to see how different women have different regards towards their bags or purses. Some women keep it simple - they find one bag, love it, and wear everyday (that's me!). Some women change their bag so it coordinates with the outfit of the day. And, some women don't carry bags and use pockets or wallets only. Everyone has a different style and attitude towards their handbags.

I designed the Grounds collection so that the bags are unique but still match any type of outfit, from casual jeans and shorts to knit dresses and boots. I love that our bags are versatile for any style. I use my Crop 2013 bag every single day. I carry to the office where I could be dressed business casual or jeans, depending on how I'm feeling that day. I use it on date night, coffee breaks, and Saturday morning grocery store strolls. I'm busy and like to keep my choice of a bag simple and consistent.

Maybe you like to switch your bag up to match your outfit, theme, or atmosphere. Changing it up is always fun and displays curiosity and adventure. Wondering what types of styles inspire a Grounds look? Head over to Pinterest and follow my new style board here to get more outfit inspiration ideas for styling your Grounds bag.

Hope you're having a great week!

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