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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Around These Parts

usa clutch - lina and vi - plymouth mi

It's been another week, and it seems like parts of it have flown by while other times have seemed to drag on. I've been able to start another bag this week for the collection - the USA clutch. You may notice that I'm using the same deep purple with metallic gold top stitching color scheme that was first used on the Bio Latina cross-body bag. I loved the color pairing on the Bio Latina bag, and I had some of that exact purple fabric left over for a small bag so I've used it here as well. I currently have the exterior complete and will be starting the interior this weekend.

usa clutch - lina and vi - bottom

If you like us on Facebook, you may have seen the update on Sunday that the Guatemala clutch sold and was headed to Florida as a surprise gift for its new owner! I love to hear these kinds of stories, and I'm glad that I can be a part of those special moments for people I don't even personally know.  I'm hoping to have the USA bag listed in our Etsy shop on Sunday or Monday at the latest. I'll post an update to you let you know when it is available!

usa clutch - lina and vi - plymouth mi

In other news, I recently finished Love Does, and I have to say that overall I enjoyed the book. The purpose of the book, from my perspective, was to discuss what it means to live both a spiritual and full life. It was a lot more religious than I was expecting, but I didn't mind it after I got used to the structure and overarching theme of the book. Although I am a practicing Catholic, I tend to be more private about my spiritual beliefs and how I apply them in my life. This book forced me to have an open conversation about myself about Christianity, which was probably a bit out of my comfort zone. Bob Goff's stories sometimes seemed unbelievable (I am a realistic...or maybe just a skeptic?), but in the end his message about living a life to help others and be open to their needs, keep priorities aligned, use talents to the greatest good, and to be honest with ourselves on what is right for us was a good reminder. The stories were definitely entertaining, and I appreciated his use of these stories as examples to tie back to the important ethical lessons in our everyday lives - even if the choices or situations are unconventional. It's easy for me to learn and understand the foundations of Catholicism, but it's applying them back to everyday life that can be hard sometimes. So, I thought this book was a good opportunity to reflect a bit.

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