Lina and Vi: The New Guatemala Clutch

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The New Guatemala Clutch

Guatemala clutch //
I'm happy to report that the pieces of fabric you saw in the last post are now pieced together as our newest Grounds bag, the Guatemala clutch. It is now listed in the Lina and Vi Etsy shop! This one is truly special as it's the first clutch in the collection and was something that I've been dreaming up for a few months now.

The bag is small, but not teeny tiny, so it will comfortably hold a small wallet, keys, cell phone, makeup, and other miscellaneous goods. It has a metal snap on the flap top to secure all of the items within the clutch. On the side of the bag is a metal loop which connects to a burlap and white denim lined wrist strap.

Guatemala clutch //

Inside of the bag is a small inner pocket to separate small items from the larger items, with the intention that you don't have to dig and empty the entire contents of the bag to find something small (awesome!). The pocket and outer bottom are sewn from a fun, black and white cotton fabric. The accent, printed fabric gives it a modern feel without taking away from the graphic coffee print in the burlap fabric.

I have always struggled to find a clutch that can actually hold the items I need to carry. Although those wee-little zipper wristlets I see in stores are cute, I find that they are not very practical when I'm nearly breaking the zipper to stuff my phone into them!

Enjoy! And hope you're having a good weekend!

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