Lina and Vi: New Bio Latina Messenger Bag

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New Bio Latina Messenger Bag

I'm really excited to share photos of a new bag called Bio Latina that I've recently finished for the Grounds line. This is the first messenger-style bag that has a long strap made from burlap and solid purple heavy-weight lining. The bag can be draped across the body or on the shoulder, and a quick, small knot in the strap can adjust the length so it works for any height. The strap is hidden in the photo below, but I will be creating new photos soon to post this new bag to the Etsy store where you can see the full length of the strap.

Bio Latina Messenger Bag - Lina and Vi
This was a fun project and something that I've been dreaming about creating for a few months now. You might notice the color scheme for the Bio Latina bag is purple and gold - the same colors that I used for the banner at the craft show last month. I love the metallic gold threading against the dark purple. It's a subtle and sophisticated pop of color that will work with any outfit. Inside the bag, the gold trim and top-stitching gives it a finished and fun look.

Bio Latina Messenger Bag - Lina and Vi
The inner part of Bio Latina has two pockets. One is a medium-sized zipper pocket and one is an open, gold trimmed side pocket. Overall, the inside is fairly large so it can hold wallets, small books, cameras, or anything else that can be stuffed into it. That's why the cross-body strap comes in handy. I often find it's easier to carry heavy bags that are distributed across my body. If anyone has lugged a heavy laptop bag on their shoulder as I did this past week in a work trip to Denver, you will know what I mean!

In making this bag, I began to think more about the challenges in sewing and especially in starting new projects which I haven't tried before. In an upcoming post, I'll be sharing some of my thoughts and ideas about this and more!

Thanks for reading!

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