Lina and Vi: New Cafe Tote - Work in Progress

Saturday, February 22, 2014

New Cafe Tote - Work in Progress

It's been a few weeks since I last updated, but I have been busy creating a new tote bag for the Grounds collection. Above is a photo I took last week as I was doing the preliminary cutting for the new bag. I am naming this one "Cafe Import" due to the large graphic on the burlap that you see above. (I know, it's very original ;-)..) 

Anyway, this is a special tote because this is the first time I have found this print on a coffee bag. I am finding that there are some repeats in the burlap fabric world - I am tending to see the same bag fabric and graphics pop up online or even when I go back to the coffee shop to buy more materials. So, finding a new design that I haven't seen or used in other designs yet feels special. The second reason I really like this new tote bag design is that it has a strap and button top as a closure. This is the first bag in the collection with a top closure to it. For my own personal purses and bags, I tend to prefer a top closure on a bag to keep items from falling out when I whip my handbag into my car during the morning rush. I haven't found closure options that I really love that I haven't incorporated them into any of the other bags until now. I think it ended up looking great, especially with a bronze, metal button closure to add to that worn/antique feel.

I will soon be posting this new, finished bag to the Collections page on the site. I also plan to share more news in the upcoming week - stay tuned!


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